A bit of an Explanation…

All the stories you (hopefully) are about to read are set in the same storyverse: the Octachoron, or, as it is occasionally called, the Hexaverse. This storyverse proposes that there are six universes, all arranged in the shape of a cube. They are identical copies of each other, save for the entities that inhabit them. Therefore, there are six Earths, six Suns, six Alpha Centauris, you get the point. The inhabitants of these planets (yes, there are aliens), however, are different, thus there are no clones (I hope). All these universes are connected through a central point, called the Apex. There are Farworlds, at the outskirts, and Nearworlds, close to the Apex.

With that explanation, I hope you enjoy my stories! I can’t guarantee a regular upload schedule, so please remember to subscribe, if you’re interested in what I do. Have fun!

~Keith D. Meyers

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